When Mental and Chronic Illness Collide

A Spoonie's Journey


Chronic Illness

The Day I Got My Genetic Testing Results

I called a few times a week past the expected four weeks of testing after my blood was drawn to see if the results were in yet. Finally, I got a “Yes, they are in.” There was a but though….... Continue Reading →


If you give a Spoonie some spoons…

When you are and have been feeling so good for a few days, you forget that spoonie part of your life.  You forget that you have limitations, that things cost spoons.  You go and you go, and you have a... Continue Reading →

The Nitty Gritty of EDS

Sleep is something that I never worry about, considering the amount of medication I take at night that sedates me. What I wasn't prepared for after my EDS diagnosis was the "waking up" part.  What I mean by that is... Continue Reading →

To the Spoonie Who Doesn’t Think They Deserve Love

The last two nights, I’ve had dreams about my partner cheating on me. I wake up in the morning with a giant pit in my stomach, the kind that comes from a dream that just literally makes you sick. And... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Help Out the Spoonie

Having a mental illness or a chronic illness changes a lot about life. It affects our lives in so many ways. Too often the people in our lives don’t know how to take care of us. When someone you know... Continue Reading →

How to Help A Loved One with Mental or Chronic Illness

Recently, I was talking with another spoonie.  She was talking about the stigmatization she faces not only from the world but from her own family regarding her mental health diagnosis.  Her family keeps telling her ‘just be stronger,’ ‘just get it... Continue Reading →

Just Waiting

It’s funny, if you think about it. The way that people perceive persons with disabilities. We are all lying around on the couch or in bed, munching on our favorite chip, going out for pedicures and coffee with the girls... Continue Reading →

Am I Spoonie Sick or Real Sick?

On any given day, my pain is at a 6 on a scale of 1-10. Some days it’s way worse, some days it's maybe even a little better. I am so used to being in so much pain, that I... Continue Reading →

I am me.

Strong.  Courageous.  Brave.  Inspirational. People actually use these words to describe me, and every time they do, it blows my mind. Me? I don't think so. What is so brave about writing?  What is so courageous about sharing my story?... Continue Reading →

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