I have white privilege.  I have it in every way shape and form.

I am a white woman, living in the nicest part of town, in an overwhelmingly rich and white city in Southern California consistently ranked on the safest city in the nation.  I don’t know how much more privileged I could be.

Tonight we drove around the valley, not the worst part, not the inner city, just a basic low-income area.  And my thought was ‘I have never been to a park where the grass wasn’t always green, the lights on, nice softball and baseball parks with legit bleachers.’ There’s no trash in my city, we have nice center dividers with flowers, all of the things, the little things, my city does for us.  I was mostly born and raised here, and it’s my reality.

I’ve never wished I was anything other than what I am, except for maybe thinner, maybe dark colored hair, better French tip manicures.  I’ve never really thought too much about the details of my life, how I was going to eat, where was I going to live, would I have gas? There’s always been plenty of food and yes, I am in every way shape and form upper middle class white American woman born and raised in suburbia.

I reek of it.  Its stench is all over me… I’m dripping with white privilege.

I see it.  I see how privileged I am.  What an amazing life I lead and how blessed I am to live it.  I love my life, 100%.

But I see the other side.  I see how despite how unaffected my life is by my white privilege, there is undeniable, outright blatant racism, intolerance and hate enveloping the country right now.  And I see, every day, what it does to someone.  I hear it in the music, the struggle to fight the system and the struggle to survive.  I feel it in the fact I know I would never even go to the inner city.  I see it in looks as I walk anywhere.  I hear them speak of the feelings, of the things people have said to them, of how every crevice of their life has been affected by the color of their skin.

It’s rotten, it’s putrid eggs.  It reeks everywhere and it’s time it stops.

I don’t understand where hate comes from.  Fear, anger, happiness, sadness…. these are all emotions I understand.  But the amount of hate you must have in your heart to be one of the millions around America showing your face too much these days, I can’t fathom that much hate, and what’s more is I don’t understand it.  I have never hated everything that much in my life. And you hate people based on the color of their skin.  Everything about them is wrong, from the way they dress to the way they talk, to the music they listen to and their names–anything and everything.  You hate them so much, you literally try and kill them.  You ram a car into a crowd of people defending them and kill a woman with a good heart, who fought for justice and equality.

My question to you is where does it come from?  Why do you hate them?  Identify what it is you hate so much.  Because if it’s that they listen to bad music, sometimes too loud?  If that’s why you hate them, I listen to some pretty loud music that might not appeal to your tastes.  If it is that they aren’t funny, well neither is my dad.  If it’s that they study too much, so does my sister.  If it that they work hard, then so does my mother, and hopefully you, but your white privilege probably doesn’t put in a line of work that’s too back breaking or 60 hour weeks.  My family full of white privilege.

What it is about them that you hate?

You hate their color.

You hate them for how they look, how dark they are.

You hate them for having more or less melatonin in their skin.

You hate them for some cells.

These terrible horrible people of different ethnicities that we hate so much, that we fear so much, have some different DNA and cells, and that makes it okay to discrimminate, harrass, assault and murder them.

Why don’t you see the dad putting food on his family’s table, working twice the hours for half the pay as you?

Why don’t you see it in the beautiful pictures of children, their interactions, their eyes when they make friends?  The pure innocence of children that doesn’t allow them to feel this hate you feel.

Every person is a combination of nature and nurture.  We are how we are born, but we are shaped into who we are.  You were born you, a blank slate, and along the way you learned things and had experiences and that’s how you learned and figured out who you were.

So chances are, the people who raised you feel the hate you have.  And the people who raised them.

Really all you are doing is performing a learned behavior, a learned belief.  It’s the same as when I take Communion and make the Sign of the Cross.

You are taking what someone has told you, has shown you, has taught you, and you, you racist Nazi white supremacist, are wrong.

I can never convince you that you are wrong.  You will never admit you are wrong.  You will never change because it is a core belief, it is so ingrained in you.  It is all coming out in you right now because, after this, it will never be tolerated again.

You, sir, ma’am, are an asshole.  A royal flaming asshole.

No one is ever better than anyone else.  No one is ever more or less than a person, we are all simply just people.  All of us, one of us.  No life is more important, no life is less important.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, I get that, but I also fully understand and have changed some of my opinions presented with the facts to challenge my reason and convert my opinion.

And some opinions are just wrong.

There are opinions, and then there is the truth.  An opinion can be and in your case is wrong.

There will always be people who believe what you believe.  It’s unavoidable, but the world is changing.  The word is fighting back against you and your -ism’s.

I challenge you, all of you, to look and why you have a bias towards something.  What is it about it that you don’t like? Evaluate your belief.  Look at the evidence.  Is it right? Is it wrong? Change as needed.

We all need to continue to grow, to change, to challenge ourselves to become better versions of yourself.  Each day is a new day, a new chance to change and grow.

We are better than this hate ❤