When Mental and Chronic Illness Collide

A Spoonie's Journey


December 2016

What to Do When You Need Help

Here is a post I wrote for MIU that talks about what to do if you need help. We can all use these reminders.


How Cold Weather Affects My Pain

I have a very high tolerance for pain, mostly because I am always in pain. I’m generally at a six or seven on the pain scale on any given day. I have seen pain management doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and... Continue Reading →

7 Things to Help You Get Out of a Rut

An Open Letter to Friends and Family about the Craziness that is my Medical Situation

To my family and friends who don’t understand my illnesses My partner brought to my attention tonight that very few people actually know what is going on with me medically. They see me stay in my room a lot; they... Continue Reading →

7 Steps to Better Relationships

Something I wrote for Make It Ultra! Relationships are always important, and we need to make sure not to take them for granted. The holidays are about being with friends, family and loved ones, so perhaps these will be good... Continue Reading →

Pure Love

Tonight, I sat in mostly silence with my partner.  We are lying in bed.  He is playing a video game; I am writing.  We've hardly said anything to each other since climbing into bed. And it's been perfect. My anxiety... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Giving In and Giving Up

As you may be able to tell from my lack of writing lately and some of my posts, things have been hard.  This is an article I wrote a few months ago, when things were going well.  My hubby suggested... Continue Reading →

The Three Musketeers

It's an angry woman country songs type of morning.  I just started my day on the wrong foot.  I always check my email when I wake up, and there was something in there from my Long Term Disability insurance and... Continue Reading →

Gaining Perspective

I wrote this post a while ago.  I think it's worth a repost, especially with everything that's happened lately.  Trying to find my perspective right now, and reading this again helped me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a long time after my diagnoses,... Continue Reading →

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