When Mental and Chronic Illness Collide

A Spoonie's Journey


November 2016

The ‘Cost’ of Medicating Your Mental Illness

I recently wrote an article on medication and the stigma associated with taking it for a mental illness. People seemed to really resonate with the fact that medication, while not for everyone, can improve the quality of life of people... Continue Reading →


What “Functioning” Depression Looks Like

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know exactly when your worst moment was, your rock bottom. Some of us hit rock bottom more than once. Sometimes we feel like we are always at the bottom of the well, begging for someone... Continue Reading →

How You Can Help Someone With Chronic Illness

Right now, I’m feeling especially grateful. My SO’s dad woke up in the middle of the night, multiple times, to stir a roast he put in the crock-pot. He cooked it for extra long on low, and literally got up... Continue Reading →

The Delicate Tapestry of Mental and Chronic Illness

Most of the time, I write about what it’s like to be chronically ill. It’s easy for me to write about being chronically ill. In 2014, I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines, which has since turned into neuropathies, gastroparesis, severe... Continue Reading →

Guest Contribution: Five Things I Want My Loved One With Depression to Know

Guest Contributor: Katy Brennan Recently I started a relationship with a person with depression. Note that I don't say a "depressed person", but rather "a person with depression" because their illness does not define them. I do not only love them... Continue Reading →

Simple Ways to Deal with Anxiety

  Anxiety is such an unfortunate disease to deal with. Everyone deals with anxiety; even being excited is a form of anxiety. However, when it becomes pathological and interferes with our daily lives, it can cause serious deficits in functioning.... Continue Reading →

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’ve been struggling to write lately.  I’ve been struggling to do anything really.  My old friend, depression, has paid me a visit. For the last however-how-long, the darkness has been creeping up on me.  It finally enveloped me this week.... Continue Reading →

Ah, Depression. We meet again.

It’s been a rough few months. There, I said it. I have been cycling in out of migraines. My gastroparesis is flaring, and I haven’t had solid food since June. My pain is out of control. My joints have decided... Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Staying Mindful

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